The Importance of Compassion and Consistency

Much has been written about how to survive the pandemic, both mentally and in everyday activities involving your income, relationships, living situation, etc.  Virtually no aspect of our lives has been untouched or left unchanged.

So how does someone adjust to a life when so much around them looks different?

What keeps coming to my mind is compassion and consistency.

First, compassion for yourself.  Trust that each day you will employ the good common sense, resourcefulness, and creativity to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  As best you can.  Tomorrow will become today and then the next and the next . . . and soon you can appreciate that what looks overwhelming (e.g., coloring your own hair) or downright strange at first (e.g., ordering McDonald’s delivery through DashDoor) no longer seems irrelevant or inconceivable.

Pat yourself of the back, you’re more resilient and creative than you likely give yourself credit for.

Second, be consistent.  Find a few routines that help you keep your wits about you and hold on to them.  A daily walk, reading before bedtime, Taco Tuesdays, staring a backyard birds through your binoculars? Everyone has their ‘thing’ that makes the days unique and tolerable. Don’t take these small routines for granted! Find yours and appreciate the ability to keep at it. Routines enable us to shore up a sense of self and gain emotional security to face bigger hurdles.

Compassion and consistency are two ways s to get through the days as the pandemic and upheaval of 2020 lingers into a new year.  Both traits will serve you well regardless of the events ahead.

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